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The ELDOA™ method is based on the osteopathic principles and uses the fascial system in your body to create space in areas and joints. They are postures that are held for 60 seconds actively.

My Doctor this morning was so happy with my recovery and said I am doing so well! Thank you for helping me and for being a critical part of my recovery!!

Lena E.

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Correct Posture is essential for everyone. Everyday, we are all fighting a hard battle against the compressive force of gravity and inactivity.

Over time, as the structure of your spine changes, if you have uncorrected forward head posture, scoliosis and other structural or acquired functional issues, you can potentially suffer chronic or unpleasant conditions such as, pinched nerves and blood vessels, headaches, muscle and tissue pain, early disc degeneration and arthritis. With ELDOAs, Segmental Reinforcements and Myofascial Stretches, you can help to re-establish your gravity line, fix your poor posture and improve the biomechanics of your spine.

In the ELDOA Lessons you will learn the most effective stretches and exercises to normalize the fascia throughout your body and help heal spinal injuries, such as bulging discs and sciatica. These techniques produce such measurable results that they are being prescribed specifically to professional athletes and post surgical clients alike.

ELDOA Lessons provide you with the knowledge and tools to prevent back injuries and will delay disc degeneration. By correcting your posture and creating balance in your structure before there is a problem, you may avoid the damaging effects on your joints and spine.

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Single Lesson60′CHF 240.-
5 Lesson package60′CHF 1000.-

* all prices incl. VAT.
** package valid 6 months

Single lesson and Packages are paid at the 1st lesson cash or debit card (EC/Maestro or Post). Packages may not be refunded or redeemed once expired. The duration of a single lesson is 60 minutes. Please arrive on time, as this cannot be extended. Cancellation policy for all Lessons: 24 hours prior to the booked lesson time, or the session will be charged in full. Studio policies

«There is an ELDOA for almost every joint in the body»


What is ELDOA? ELDOA is a French acronym that translated stands for “stretching” in the longitudinal axis to create decoaptation (separation) of the osteo-articular joints. It is a postural exercise designed to decompress-or give space to-a targeted joint.

It is composed by more than hundred postures held for a minute and was created by M.D., D.O. Guy Voyer taking inspiration from different methods and philosophies, such as the R. Klapp method, Niederhoffer, the Kabat method, the Brunnstrom Approach, the Bobath concept, the Mezieres method, Piret and Beziers, and Godlieve Struyf-Denis.

ELDOA Trainer

Elio Dalla Giovanna

Born in Piacenza Italy
Elio teaches in: Italian, French, English

From a young age, Elio has a passion for different forms of physical workouts such as martial arts, yoga and tai chi. After years of practising those disciplines, he got certified in the Pilates Method in 2003, in New York by Romana Kryzanowska. 

Beside his 3 years New York experience at True Pilates (Drago’s GYM) he was invited to work as a guest teacher in Bermuda, Iceland, Vienna and Milan The Art of Pilates. In 2007 he decided to move to Zurich where he opened the Vero Pilates Studio together with Sonja Gerber.

In 2017 he started the certification for SomaTraining founded by world known Osteopath M.D. Guy Voyer DO from France.  Since 2018 he is the first certified ELDOA Trainer and Somatrainer (2019) established in continental Europe teaching out at Vero Pilates Zurich to both regular Clients, amateur and professional Athletes. 

«You are your own best Therapist»


The ELDOA Level 1 Certification Course is a two-day course designed to teach the most frequently used ELDOA for the spine. It is structured for the instructor or individual with minimal or no formal training in the anatomy and biomechanics of the spine.

ELDOA Level 1 teaches the history of the ELDOA, the methodologies which helped form the postures, Dr. Voyers’s Educational Paradigm, and the teaching method “Learn by Doing.”

Level I is the BASE for all six levels in the ELDOA Certification Program. After completion of the two-day course, an instructor should feel quite comfortable using these ELDOA postures with clients.

«Prevention is better than cure»


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